Collection: Steamers & Shampoo

  • Superior Self-Care: Our shower steamers use essential oils and natural fragrances, offering a pleasantly strong scent. Enjoy aromatherapy benefits from home.
  • We offer a unique spa experience at home. With our shower tablets, you can unwind, relax in the evening, and kickstart your day with great mood and energy. Enjoy a restful sleep and an energized morning!
  • Home Spa: You can enjoy daily serenity as you shower away stress at home. One of your shower fizzes should be placed in the corner of your shower but not submerged. Slowly and deeply breathe, and enjoy your surroundings.
  • Our Shampoo Bars are ZERO WASTE! Tin cans, no plastic! you can purchase next month and one without the tin!
  • Vegan

    Every soap batch is handmade, and we have new designs every month so you never get bored of bath time!

  • Small Batches

    • We make our soaps by hand in super small batches, so every single bar gets the love it and attention it needs!
  • Family Promise

    We send our soap scraps to a local shelter, an incredible non-profit. Find out more

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  • Quality Ingredients

    We take great pride in sourcing our ingredients and raw materials and love supporting fellow small shops!